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Placing insurance risks intelligently

You are looking for an experienced insurance partner to help you place your risks intelligently, without spending a fortune. We identify and negotiate great quality, good value general and commercial insurance products for businesses and private individuals right across the Asia Pacific region.

We also provide expert insurance knowledge and advice, helping businesses with professional risk placement and risk management. And we help our clients navigate the often-complex claims process too, a very popular aspect of our service.

Our culture

Providing peace of mind

Your peace of mind is something we genuinely care about. We don't just sell insurances. We sell confidence in the future, in a world where anything can happen.

We are nothing without our people. We are lucky to have an expert team of dedicated, well-qualified and enthusiastic individuals on board. They will do everything in their power to help you protect your business, home and finances against everyday and more complicated risks.

Our culture - Providing peace of mind

Risk management

Risk management is not all about policies, cover and protection. It's also about understanding the client's business. We know our clients' businesses inside out. We understand the importance of the best logistics handling practice. And because we are risk management experts, we bring all sorts of relevant experience to the table. No wonder our business insurance clients are so happy to hand over their risk management to us.

We also carry out risk management for individuals. Our popular personal insurances are designed to remove the financial strain so you can live well, confident that any damage to your financial health can be taken care of.

Good insurance can make all the difference between a complete disaster and something you take in your stride and handle with confidence. But the wisest strategy of all is to do your best to protect your organisation from disaster in the first place.

Risk management

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