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Business Insurance – Helping Commerce Thrive

We know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly, no matter what happens. And we have sourced a collection of top quality insurance products, all available at fair prices, to help your business thrive whatever happens. We also help our business clients with risk management advice and expertise, to help them reduce the likelihood of the everyday risks they face. Together we do great things!

Most of our policies are designed to be flexible, flexing to meet your needs. They all come from big-name insurers that we trust, and we have used our special relationships to negotiate some very good products and prices for you. If you would like to find out the fine details about the different business insurances we sell, click on the icons below.

About Bonds and Guarantees Insurance

Bonds and guarantees insurance is common in the construction and civil engineering industry, providing a useful guarantee of payment for damages under a contract. When these bonds are supported by the insurance sector, you get a written guarantee to pay the beneficiary – a third party - for financial loss because of a breach of the contract

Important policy features

Bonds and guarantees insurance protects your business against financial loss under all sorts of circumstances, including:

  • Court and administration bonds, liquidation bonds and deceased estates
  • Trade bonds for government departments and suppliers
  • Defaults by contractors
  • Performance & retention guarantees plus advanced payment guarantees
  • Bid bonds and maintenance guarantees
  • Customs & excise guarantees, plus warehouse guarantees
  • Utility guarantees

Why you need bonds and guarantees insurance

You might be a construction contractor providing a bond to an employer, or an importer giving a bond to a local tax authority. When you operate in a sector where contracts sit at the heart of everything you do, for example construction, engineering, importing and outsourcing, bonds and guarantees cover protects your finances if something goes wrong.

Get expert support with claims and risk management

Do you need to protect your business' finances with a bonds and guarantees policy? Contact us for professional advice, top quality products, valuable risk management services and expert help with making claims.

About Business Interruption Insurance

Sometimes, for an unforeseen reason, a business is brought to a halt. It might be because of a flood at the premises, or a fire, a computer system breakdown or another insured reason. Luckily business interruption cover protects your organisation's financial health by paying the money needed to get the business running again.

Important policy features

A good quality business interruption policy covers things like:

  • The money you would have made if the disaster had not happened, based on previous financial records
  • Fixed costs like operating expenses and staff salaries
  • The expenses involved in setting the business up somewhere else, for example in temporary premises 
  • Training people to use unfamiliar replacement machinery
  • All sorts of 'reasonable' extra expenses in addition to the everyday, fixed operational costs
  • Civil authority matters, for example when your business has to close because officials insist on closing the streets and applying curfews
  • Optional contingent business interruption coverage, paying compensation when your premises, your suppliers' or customers' premises are out of use

Why you need business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance pays out after a claim is made against your commercial building or contents insurance, covering the financial losses you suffer, for example lost revenue and the costs involved in taking on extra people to help you recover.

Get professional support making claims and managing risks management

We do more than simply sell you the right insurance policy at the right price. We will also help you avoid common risks in the first place, and help you make valid claims successfully. Please contact us to explore what business interruption cover will do to help protect your company's finances.

About Commercial Vehicle Insurance

When your business relies completely on commercial vehicles, it makes a lot of sense to protect those vehicles with good quality insurance. Commercial vehicle insurance protects your bottom line against a broad range of common risks that work vehicles face.

Important policy features

The best commercial vehicle insurance policies:

  • Offer third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive cover
  • Protect all sorts of vehicles, from individual cars and vans to fleets and HGVs
  • Pay out for injuries to other people
  • Pay the costs of damage caused by your vehicles, including medical expenses
  • Cover your bottom line against the costs of fire and theft
  • Cover accidental damage to property and to your vehicles themselves
  • Pay to replace a commercial vehicle's contents
  • Cover towing and labour costs

Why you need commercial vehicle insurance

In many countries you can't operate a vehicle without insurance. Comprehensive commercial vehicle cover helps to protect your business' finances against all the major risks you might encounter, which means you can get on with making money and enjoy real peace of mind.

We help our customers manage risks and make claims

We provide quality, value-for-money insurance to protect your financial interests. But we do more than that for our customers. We also provide a claims service to support you in making successful claims quickly and efficiently, and we'll even help you avoid risks in the first place. Contact us to find out more.

About Credit Insurance

Cash flow can make or break a business. Credit insurance is designed to protect your business against bad debts, paying out money to cover invoices that haven't been paid because your customer goes bankrupt, a supplier has financial problems or anyone else owes the business money. In a world where otherwise healthy businesses can fail thanks to cash flow issues, through no fault of their own, it's an essential part of any solid business insurance portfolio.

Important policy features

A good quality credit insurance policy will protect your company in several ways:

  • Covers financial risks, when someone is unable to pay your invoices or bills
  • Covers unexpected political risks, when a tricky political situation prevents people and organisations from paying the money they owe you
  • Pays out a pre-agreed percentage of an amount that hasn't been paid because of a long term default, an insolvency or a bankruptcy

Why you need credit insurance

Insolvencies are not uncommon these days, especially since the 2008 global banking crisis and the worldwide recession that followed it. Your business might be rock solid, but another company's weakness could end up damaging yours thanks to cash flow problems. Credit insurance means you can grow your business with peace of mind, knowing that insured bad debts won't affect your bottom line.

Credit insurance plus risk management and claims support

We source the best quality credit insurance for our customers. We can also help you identify potential dangers before they happen and help you submit claims that get paid quickly and efficiently, with minimal delay. Contact us to find out more about commercial credit cover.

About Crime and Fidelity insurance

Theft, embezzlement and other business-led crimes are not uncommon. And cyber crime is one of the biggest risks faced by business in the 21st century. Luckily there's crime and fidelity insurance, carefully created to pay compensation when your business is affected by fraud, helping you to manage everyday risks and supporting a healthy level of confidence in business growth.

Important policy features

A crime and fidelity insurance policy will protect your business against:

  • Employee theft, forgery and alteration of data
  • Stolen money and securities inside the premises
  • Robbery and burglary inside the building, including breaking into safes
  • Computer fraud
  • Extortion
  • Fraudulent funds transfers 
  • Money orders and counterfeit money
  • Cyber crime

Why you need crime and fidelity insurance

This type of policy protects money, securities and other property against common criminal acts. It is designed to help you retain disappointed customers, resolve damage to your brand and help boost your employees' morale after an incident. Crime and fidelity cover is important for every size of business, but smaller businesses are often at a greater risk because they don't always have the cash needed to fund the same complex internal security measures as bigger businesses.

More than simply an insurance policy

We do a lot more than sell you a good value, good quality C&F policy. Our insurer partners also provide access to specialist investigators who will do their best to identify the size and extent of the loss, help keep the claims process on track, and avoid similar risks in future. Please contact us to find out more.

About Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

D&O insurance protects company managers against claims arising from the decisions and actions they take in their everyday business life. It can be paid to the directors and officers of a company, or to the organization itself, reimbursing them for losses and for the cost of legal defence if the issue results in legal action.

Key features

A good D&O policy will cover senior employees at your company against

  • Claims around legal breaches, insolvency and discrimination
  • The cost of defending criminal and regulatory investigations into the company, where the director or officer is innocent of blame 
  • Employment practices liability insurance (usually an optional extra)
  • The cost of defending legal proceedings and any compensation costs arising from an unsuccessful legal action 
  • Disqualification from a directorship
  • Civil proceedings and legal damages
  • Claims made by regulators, investors and creditors

Why you need Directors and Officers Insurance

This cover protects businesses against the expenses generated thanks to innocent mistakes made by directors and officers. You might be an experienced professional, but you can still make mistakes and they can cost your business a fortune in legal representation. Senior people often make difficult decisions that have a dramatic impact, sometimes based on limited information, and this kind of insurance protects a business' bottom line against that risk.

Extra benefits to keep your business running

As well as excellent D&O cover, we also provide expert claims support and risk management services. With our support you'll know how to avoid the most common risks, and get any claims you have to make paid quickly and efficiently. Contact us to find out more.

About Employers Liability Insurance

As an employer, you're legally responsible for the health and safety of the people who work for you, including your actual employees plus contractors, casual workers and temps. Employers’ liability cover is often a legal requirement, created to pay out compensation claims when an employee who has been injured or become seriously ill as a direct result of working for you makes a legal claim against the business.

Important policy features

Good quality employers liability insurance makes compensation payments and pays out for legal costs if an employee sues your business for a work-related illness, injury or disease, whether it happens on or off-site.

What is the purpose of employers liability insurance?

If an employee or former employee brings a claim against your business, the law can force you to pay financial compensation for the injury or illness itself, the treatment and medical care and the income the employee loses because of their illness or injury. When the illness or injury is serious, the financial impact on a business can be catastrophic.

We help defend your business with claims support and risk avoidance advice

Good health and safety practices sit at the heart of employee protection, designed to dramatically reduce people's risk of accidents and illness. We can help you get familiar with the law and regulations that apply to your industry, and make regular risk assessments to protect the people working for you. And we can help you make valid claims quickly and smoothly, too. Contact us to find out more.

About General Public and Product Liability insurance

Product liability insurance compensates people who are injured or made ill by a faulty product you've made, designed, manufactured or supplied. It makes a lot of business sense to get covered when even a small defect can lead to enormous claims, which can seriously damage your profitability and your company's ability to stay in business.

Important policy features

General Public and Product Liability cover protects your company against:

  • Compensation for personal injuries, and for loss of or damage to property caused by a faulty product
  • Unforeseen circumstances, for example faulty products that you could not have identified beforehand

If you don't make a product yourself but just distribute it, you are also protected against several risks, namely claims:

  • For products that were faulty at the supplier end of the chain  
  • When you have provided clear warnings about what can happen when people misuse the product 
  • When you include instructions for returning faulty goods to the manufacturer
  • When your supply contract includes product safety, quality control and returned goods 

Why you need public and product liability cover

If your business designs, manufactures or supplies a physical product, whether you sell it or give it away, this insurance delivers the peace of mind you need. It matters because your business can be legally liable for compensation when the business name appears on the product, you repair or change a product, import it, can't identify the manufacturer or the maker has closed down.

Top class claims support and risk management

As well as selling fairly priced, top quality insurance products, we are perfectly placed to help you reduce the risks you face and make the claims process smoother. Contact us to find out more.

About Professional Indemnity insurance

Sometimes a customer thinks the advice you have given them isn't good enough. They might accuse you of providing a poor service, or designing a product badly. If they have lost money because of you, a good quality professional indemnity insurance policy will cover the legal costs and expenses you face when asked to defend yourself, plus any compensation you might be asked to pay.

Important policy features

A good quality professional indemnity policy gives you all this:

  • Protection when you have to pay to correct a mistake
  • Pays out your legal costs
  • Cover for your intellectual property
  • Payments for dishonesty, defamation and loss of documents

Why you need professional indemnity cover

Without PI cover you could be forced to pay out a lot of money in legal fees and compensation. You might also have to pay the income you've lost thanks to having to defend yourself against a legal action. This cover is perfect for people like management and business consultants and coaches, IT professionals, website designers and developers, marketers, recruitment agencies and fitness professionals, even teachers.

Quality insurance plus extra support to protect your business

It makes a lot of business sense to reduce the potential risks you face, and we can help you with that as well as providing insurance. We can support you through the claims process too, ensuring everything happens as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you'd like to know more, contact us.

About Prize Indemnity insurance

Prize indemnity insurance is an insurance policy that covers marketing and advertising promotions where people can win prizes. Instead of keeping the potentially huge cash reserves you need to buy large prizes, you pay the insurance company, and they pay the cost if someone actually wins the prize. As long as a prize winner isn't a certainty, you are insured if someone wins the competition.

Important policy features

This simple policy protects your cash flow by paying out the value of a prize if someone actually wins your competition.

Why you need prize indemnity cover

When the probability of a loss – ie the chances of someone winning your competition - is likely but not certain, the probability of that loss can be calculated. This sort of protection matters when you want to hold a competition with an expensive prize. If someone wins, you can relax in the knowledge that the insurance policy will cover the cost of the prize. That's why it's such a popular policy with sporting events.

Find out more or buy a policy

As well as sourcing the best value policies for our customers, we provide claims support to help your claim go quickly and smoothly. Contact us for more information.