Maybe you suffer from a burglary and need to replace the stolen goods with new ones. Perhaps you have a road traffic accident and damage your car. You might have an accident that means you can't work for a few weeks or even months. You might be on holiday and someone steals your baggage or travel money, or you fall ill abroad. Circumstances like these are all covered by personal insurances. They represent a simple and effective way to save your bank balance from disaster by putting you back into the original financial position that you enjoyed before things went wrong, something our industry calls 'indemnity'.

Unless you are wealthy enough to fund disasters like this out of your own pocket, insurance is essential. That's why so many individuals hold a series of policies designed to take the major financial risks out of everyday life. To find out the details about the good value policies we have sourced to protect our customers against everyday risks, click the icons below.

About Motor Vehicles Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance protects your finances against the cost of all sorts of common risks, everything from accidents, theft and vandalism to third party liability, when you hurt or kill someone when driving. If you need to make a claim, and it's a valid claim, your insurer pays out to put you back in the same financial position as you were before the loss. Comprehensive car insurance offers the widest level of protection, third-party only and third-party, fire and theft insurance restrict cover to accidents that were your fault.

Important comprehensive motor insurance policy features

Comprehensive motor insurance pays out for a variety of risks that drivers commonly face:

  • Damage caused by fire and theft
  • Repairs to glass and its replacement
  • Equipment permanently fitted in or supplied with the car
  • Accidents that are your fault
  • Accidents when it's impossible to prove who is responsible
  • Accidental damage to your vehicle and other people's vehicles
  • Accessories and tools that come with the vehicle
  • Replacement locks to keep your cars secure when someone has stolen the keys
  • Travel to and from work

Why you need Motor Vehicles cover

Motor vehicle insurance is usually required by law – if you drive without it, you can be prosecuted. Motor vehicles are costly to repair. Personal transport is vital for many people because they use their vehicle to get to and from work. A damaged or written-off car or van can mean financial disaster for many of us, and the expenses involved in compensating a third party for loss or damage, injuries or death caused by you can be astronomical. When your finances are at risk, insurance fills the gap.

Minimise the risks, get support making claims

As risk management experts we can help you minimise the risks you face as a driver. And we're always happy to help our customers negotiate the claims process quickly and smoothly. Contact us for a quote or to ask questions – we're glad to help.

About Personal Accident insurance

Good personal accident policies pay out a useful lump sum if you die or suffer an injury through an unexpected accident. They are created to help people cope financially while they recover, filling the gap when, as is usually the case, there's no chance of getting compensation from elsewhere. Sickness, diseases and other naturally occurring conditions are not covered under this insurance.

Important policy features

A good quality personal accident policy will pay out the agreed sum insured under these circumstances:

  • Accidental death
  • Permanent and total disablement, a disability you won't recover from
  • Loss of a collection of specified body parts, or the loss of their use, usually including arms, legs, fingers and toes

Some PA policies also cover permanent partial, temporary total and temporary partial disablement.

Why you need Personal Accident cover

You are injured because of an accident. A serious accident might mean you can't work for weeks or even months, and you might need to pay medical bills as well. Can you survive without a regular income? If you're killed in an accident, can your family survive without your income? Personal Accident insurance steps in to fill the gap and protect your finances. It pays out a lump sum in compensation for a number of common accidents, and for accidental death, which means your loved ones will get the financial support they need to carry on.

PA cover plus help minimising risks and support with claims

As well as a good quality, fairly-priced PA policy, we can also provide you with useful risk management advice and help you get valid claims paid quickly and efficiently. Contact us to find out the fine details or buy a policy.

About Golfer insurance

Golfer insurance protects your finances against the most common risks all golf players face, things like injuries to other people, damage to people's property and stolen golf equipment. If something goes wrong your policy will compensate you so you're in the same financial position as you were prior to the loss, something insurers call 'indemnification'.

Important policy features

Golfer cover protects your finances in all sorts of circumstances, including:

  • When you cause accidental damage to other people's property
  • When someone is hospitalised because of you
  • Refunds for golf club subscriptions
  • Public liability insurance
  • Hole in one cover
  • Compensation for lost, damaged or stolen equipment, owned and hired
  • Dental treatment
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Theft, loss and damage to your personal possessions
  • Lost golf trophies

You can usually choose from either local or worldwide cover.

Why you need Golfer insurance

Even the best golfers have accidents, and it's all too easy to cause damage to other people and property when a fast, hard-hit golf ball goes in an unexpected direction. Golf can be dangerous, which is why a golfers insurance policy is such a popular buy with lovers of the game. Expensive golfing equipment is also covered, good news when thieves frequently target it. Thousands of golfers across our region buy golfing insurance to protect their finances.

Quality products from respected insurers

You need a good quality product from a respected insurer. We will help you find the right one, as well as providing useful risk management advice and professional support throughout the claims process. Contact our expert team for a quote or more details.

About House Owner Insurance

The best way to protect your personal finances against a disaster at home is via home buildings insurance, also known as house owner cover or home insurance. It's important when damage to your home can cost a lot of money to put right, leaving you with potentially large repair bills. Not many people have the financial resources to pay for unexpected accidents and damage, which is why homeowner insurance is one of our most popular general insurance products.

Important policy features

Depending on the type of policy you buy to cover your home, your building and its contents will be protected against damage by these common occurrences:

  • Fire, smoke and explosions
  • Lightning, storms and floods
  • Water and oil leaks, plus the costs involved in finding out where leaks inside the home have originated
  • Earthquakes, subsidence, landslips and heave
  • Malicious acts, vandalism, theft and attempted theft
  • Falling trees
  • Legal liability for injury or damage to other people who visit your home, and to their property
  • Accommodation costs if you need to move out of your home temporarily, for example while it is being repaired  
  • Home emergency cover to pay for call-out fees, labour and materials
  • Accidental damage to your underground pipework and cabling
  • Accidentally broken fixed glass (for example your windows) and sanitary ware, things like toilets, baths, sinks and showers

You can also buy optional cover to protect valuables outside your home, or add an accidental damage option to cover more of your belongings, in addition to fixed glass, pipework, cabling and sanitary ware.

Why you need home owner cover

Unexpected disasters do happen, and the very fact that they are unexpected makes it hard to plan for the future with confidence. Once your home and its contents are safely insured for the right sums, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your policy will compensate you for valid claims, putting you in the same financial position as you were before the disaster happened. It matters a lot when your home might be so badly damaged it has to be rebuilt from scratch. Could you afford to fund something like that without insurance?

Expert help to choose the right policy, sums insured and levels of cover

Feel free to contact us to talk through what you need. We can help you choose the right policy and cover to suit your needs perfectly, which means you won't end up paying more than you have to. We will even support you through the claims process if necessary, helping you recoup your money as fast as possible.

About Home Contents insurance

It is absolutely vital to insure the fabric of your home – the bricks and mortar, stone or whatever else it is built from - with homeowners buildings insurance. But it's also important to take your home's contents, in other words your personal belongings, into account. Can you afford to replace everything you own if there's a flood, a fire or someone breaks in and steals from you? Most people can't. No wonder home contents insurance is one of our most popular personal insurance products, something that gives valuable peace of mind to thousands of families across our region.

Important policy features

A good home contents policy protects your finances in a very wide range of circumstances, from loss or damage due to:

  • Fire, smoke and explosions
  • Natural disasters like lightning and earthquakes, storms and floods
  • Escaping water or oil
  • Your legal liability for injuries to other people or damage to their property
  • Your worldwide legal liabilities as an individual and your legal liability as an employer if you hire domestic help
  • Trees falling
  • Personal money that you keep at home
  • Your freezer's contents
  • Malicious acts including vandalism, theft and attempted theft, and credit card fraud
  • Accidental damage to computers, TVs and music systems
  • Accidentally broken mirrors and broken glass in furniture
  • Jewellery and other 'high risk', easily portable items that are popular with thieves 
  • The cost of alternative accommodation if you have to temporarily leave your home
  • The contents of your garden, plus replacements for stolen external locks and keys
  • Leaking water on a water meter, that you are charged for 

Pay a little more and you should be able to add cover for accidental damage to your policy, in case you accidentally damage belongings indoors, and a 'personal possessions' extension to cover things like cameras, watches and jewellery away from your home, for example on holiday or worn at work. If you choose to pay an excess, you can usually reduce your premiums.

Why you need Home Contents insurance

If the contents of your home are damaged, stolen or destroyed because of a risk the policy covers, you can claim the cost of replacing everything. Most policies these days offer 'new for old' cover, paying for new goods to replace your original items even if the originals were old and worn.

Ask for a fast, free quote

Please to contact us to talk about the exact kind and level of contents cover you need. If you need to make a claim, we will be by your side throughout the claims process to help make sure everything goes smoothly.

About Travel insurance

You go overseas on holiday, or for work. Can your afford to pay for lost, stolen or damaged belongings? Can you cover the cost of foreign hospital, doctor and dentist bills? In some countries, like the USA and much of Europe, medical treatment can be very expensive indeed. And what if you are so ill or badly injured that you have to be flown home in an air ambulance? Travel insurance fills the gap, paying out to cover all sorts of common risks that travellers face abroad, both for business and pleasure.

Travel insurance includes cover for a wide spread of common risks, things that happen frequently enough to be worth insuring against:

Which type of cover do you need? We are always happy to help and advise about all the policies below.

  • Medical expenses of all sorts, plus repatriation by air
  • Pays for replacement luggage when yours is lost, stolen, damaged or totally destroyed
  • Pays out to compensate for the costs of accidentally missed departures, things like extra accommodation and travel expenses
  • Covers cancellation and curtailment, paying for travel and accommodation just in case you need to cancel or shorten your trip for an unexpected reason
  • Covers the costs involved in unexpected travel delays
  • Abandonment, in other words when you need to totally abandon your travel plans
  • Personal liability
  • Terrorism

You can usually add on optional dental emergency cover, optional cover for your money, tickets and travellers cheques, and an extension to cover lost passports. The most comprehensive travel policies let you add optional cover for winter sports and extreme sports, plus a 24/7 medical telephone helpline to call if you need help or advice about your health.

Why you need Travel insurance

Once you are covered you can relax and enjoy being away from home, safe in the knowledge that the costs involved in dealing with accidents, illnesses, injuries, theft and more are covered, and your finances protected. The medical aspects of the cover mean you will get the treatment you need quickly, without a fuss, with no delays. When you're overseas this level of peace of mind is priceless.

Let's talk about your travel policy needs

As experts in insurance, we know the ins and outs of every kind of policy. Would you like to contact us to ask questions or ask for a good value quote? If so we will be delighted to hear from you, and we'll help in every way we can.

About Event insurance

You have organised an event. It might be a wedding or an engagement party, a corporate event or business conference, an arts exhibition, festival or theatrical performance. We know that no two events are the same, and we're also aware of all the potential risks every type of event faces. Some of those risks can prove very expensive indeed to put right. Whatever style or type of event, we have the necessary expertise to source the right insurance policy to protect your finances properly if something goes wrong, paying out for financial loss including optional protection against the loss of any profits you expect to make.

Important policy features

A good quality event insurance product will protect your bank balance against a host of commonly-occurring risks:

  • Event cancellation and abandonment (if you need to abandon the event altogether, for example because of unusually bad weather)
  • Event postponement or curtailment (when your event has to be cut short) 
  • Cover when you don't manage to leave the event venue at the agreed time and have to pay compensation to the venue owner or hire firm  
  • Public liability and employers liability cover
  • Accidental loss or damage to any property owned or hired in by you, or by the venue owners
  • Terrorism

You can usually add optional protection in case a key speaker or entertainer doesn't turn up, to cover reduced attendance by delegates or other types of visitor, or to include acts and threats of terrorism.

Why you need Event insurance

Event insurance protects your finances, paying out to leave you in the same financial position as you were before the loss. Taking out this type of cover means the financial risks you face are dramatically reduced, paid for by the insurance. Like all insurances, it lets you plan ahead with a good measure of confidence.

Call us to discuss your needs in confidence

If you want your event to be protected financially, please contact us to discuss your needs or ask for a specially-tailored quote. Remember we also have the expertise needed to advise you about minimising the risks, and we will also will support you from start to finish if you need to make an insurance claim.

About Pet insurance

Pet insurance provides you with a financial safety net to help protect against unexpected costs related to your cat or dog. It is designed to cover unexpected veterinary bills and includes a wide range of veterinary treatments for illnesses and injuries. It also pays out a sum to help you find a missing pet, and pays a death benefit if your pet dies in an accident or because of an illness. If you love your cat or dog and want financial peace of mind, it's the perfect insurance solution.

Important policy features

This is what our good quality pet products covers you for.

  • Medical benefits that pay veterinary bills for illnesses and injuries
  • Advertising and marketing costs for finding a lost pet, including a reward as an incentive
  • Cattery and boarding kennel fees, just in case you are hospitalised for 4 days or more and your pet needs to be looked after
  • Third party liability cover to pay the costs if your pet accidentally injures someone or damages their property
  • A death benefit, either the purchase price or adoption fee, if your pet dies through an accidental injury or illness
  • Burial or cremation costs

Why you need pet insurance

Veterinary bills can be very expensive, especially when there is something seriously wrong with your animal. A simple operation alone can cost a small fortune, but you want to give your beloved cat or dog the very best treatment when they're unwell or hurt. If your finances would suffer because of a poorly or injured pet, it's the perfect solution.

Get a quote or find out more

As well as good value pet insurance we can also support you if you need to make a claim. We're on your side to help get things moving quickly. Please contact us to discuss pet cover, or ask questions about it. We're always glad to help.