Sometimes the nature of your business demands specialist insurance policies, delivering essential protection that helps you to mitigate and manage a wide range of business-led risks with confidence. We provide everything from aviation insurance of various kinds to employee benefits cover and products to take care of liabilities. Many years of experience sourcing and negotiating great value, top quality insurance policies means we're perfectly placed to act as your trusted long term insurance partner.

If you have an unusual risk to place, we will make every effort to find the best value, best quality product for you. We'll make certain your specialist policy meets your needs perfectly, tailored to your circumstances wherever possible. And we'll stick with you for the long term, also providing essential extras like a great claims support service plus professional advice about managing the risks you face wisely. To find out more about the products we offer, click on the icons below.

About Aviation Insurance

Aircraft themselves are extremely costly. Accidents concerning planes can cost your business a great deal of money, potentially wiping out your profit margins. If passengers or crew are injured or killed, the costs can be astronomical. Luckily we have a variety of suitable aviation insurances available, all designed to handle very specific aviation risks and all created to provide the financial peace of mind you need to operate your company with confidence, and grow into a bright future.

Why you need Aviation insurance

Which type of cover do you need? We are always happy to help and advise about all the policies below.

  • Ground Risk Hull insurance – In motion
    This policy pays out for damage that happens when the craft is on the ground and moving, compensating you for damage that happens while taxiing and during take-off.
  • Combined Single Limit Aviation insurance
    This policy covers you for public liability and passenger liability claims, providing an essential fixed payout for individual incidents.
  • Public Liability insurance
    A legal requirement, this product protects your finances against damage to third-parties and their property. It excludes damage to the craft itself and the passengers.
  • In-Flight insurance
    Covers you against the cost of damage while the plane is in motion. Because most aeroplane accidents happen while in flight, it tends to be the most expensive aviation policy.
  • Ground Risk Hull insurance – Non motion
    This product protects your financial interests against the risk of damage that happens while a plane is on the ground, not moving. It covers damage caused by crime, natural disasters, animals, uninsured aircraft and other vehicles, vandalism and theft.
  • Passenger Liability insurance
    This policy gives your business insurance for the people who travel in the craft while you are operating it, paying claims for injuries and 'final expenses' if the damage results in a passenger's death.

Important policy features

All of these vital insurances cover specific air travel and aeroplane-focused risks, as mentioned above.

Professional support with Aviation insurance risk management and claims

As well as providing the best policies we can find, we also provide professional risk management advice and support with making valid claims quickly and smoothly. Please contact us for the details.

About Freight Forwarders Liability insurance

Hauliers, forwarders and warehouse owners have strict contractual liability for losses, no matter whose fault they are. It can make growing a business a risky affair. This insurance pays out if you are held liable for a loss, putting you in the same financial position as you were before the loss happened. And it can be a business-saver. Freight forwarders liability insurance cover protects all your forwarding operations.

Important policy features

Which type of cover do you need? We are always happy to help and advise about all the policies below.

  • Pays out for lost cargo
  • Compensates for damaged cargo
  • Pays the costs of errors and omissions by you

Why you need Freight Forwarders Liability insurance

Few businesses have enough liquid cash to pay for an unexpected loss. Depending on the cargo, it could be horribly expensive. If you're a cargo owner you need marine insurance. But if you carry or forward freight, you need specialist liability insurance so you can plan ahead without worrying about how to pay if things go wrong.

Supporting business growth with claims and risk management

As a specialist marine insurance broker we know how to reduce the risks businesses like yours face. As insurance experts we understand the claims process deep down. We give our clients good advice about is management and if they need to claim, we are with them every step of the way. Contact us to find out more.

About Fine Art insurance

We give private art collectors and corporate art collectors, art dealers, galleries, artists and museums security and peace of mind with tailored specialist fine art insurance. Because we have access to many respected worldwide art insurers, we will find you the perfect policy at a fair price.

Important policy features

Which type of cover do you need? We are always happy to help and advise about all the policies below.

  • If the artist dies and the artwork's value increases, we increase the insured value to reflect its new, higher market value
  • We compensate you for art that you bought in good faith but cannot legally own
  • We pay out for physical loss or damage worldwide for a broad range of circumstances including employee dishonesty, unexplained disappearances, terrorism and more, tailored to your circumstances
  • Flexible cover for changing and growing collections, ideal for private and national collections, and museums

Why you need Fine Art insurance

This insurance protects art lovers from the financial consequences of common risks. It puts people and organisations back into the same financial situation as they were before the incident happened.

Valuable support managing risks and making claims

Insurance is a must, and good advice means you get a really great deal. We can give you expert advice about lowering the risks you face as the owner of artworks. We will also help you make claims quickly and efficiently. Contact us to discuss the possibilities or request a quote.