Construction and Engineering insurance

Protecting your finances

The construction and engineering sector is open to all sorts of risks that are unique to it, any of which can result in severely damaged corporate finances. At the same time the regulations and legal aspects of the sector are very complex, with a lot of rules and regulations to follow, many of which change regularly to meet the needs of the times and circumstances.

You want to navigate confidently through this difficult landscape with your profit margins and bottom line intact, which means you need the right kinds of insurance. We have sourced and negotiated a wide range of important construction and engineering insurances to help businesses like yours cut the risks you face and stay in profit for a bright future. Click on the icons below for full details about each policy.

About Contractors All Risks

Loss and damage are commonplace in the construction sector. Whether you're carrying out building or civil works, there are plenty of ways to lose profits and be liable for enormous sums in compensation for all sorts of reasons, from contractual to physical. That's why Contractors All Risks policies are such a good idea, protecting your financial interests against claims for damage to property and third-party injuries.

Important policy features

A good quality CAR insurance policy protects your business against all the common risks faced by those in your sector:

  • Fire, flood, water and wind damage
  • Free issue materials, both on your site and while in transit
  • Protection plant and machinery you own or hire
  • As much as 12 months' cover after your contractual obligations are over, known as the maintenance or defects liability period
  • Unforeseen loss or damage to building works
  • The movement of machinery
  • Earthquakes, mould and sub-standard work
  • Negligence, injury or damage to third parties, and public liability
  • Damage to permanent and temporary works
  • Tools
  • Business interruption
  • Equipment erection

You can usually also add on optional cover for professional fees, and also for debris removal.

Why you need Contractors All Risks insurance

CAR insurance preserves your financial interests as well as those of everyone involved in a project, no matter who causes the damage. As such it's usually bought by more than one party, for example the contractor and the organisation employing them, as well as other interested parties like financiers. Everyone named on the policy has the right make a claim, and they are all responsible for informing the insurer about a situation that might end up in a claim situation .

Essential help making claims and managing risks

Feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss a good quality, fairly priced CAR policy with our experts. We also help our clients with risk management and will support you throughout the often-complicated claims process with useful professional advice and guidance

About Consequential Loss Contractors Plant & Machinery insurance

Contractor machinery can be extremely expensive. Whether it's owned or hired, when things go wrong it's sensible to expect to pay a lot of money to put them right. If the unexpected happens it can make an enormous hole in your company's finances, which is why consequential loss contractors plant and machinery insurance is so popular with people in your sector. It's something you really don't want to do without.

Important policy features

This specialist insurance protects your finances in all sorts of ways, covering the common risks that can make a lot of trouble for a company like yours.  

  • Loss or damage to machinery and plant, whether hired or owned 
  • Ongoing hire charges
  • Owned or hired plant that is then hired out to another organisation 
  • Impact damage
  • The cost of recovering immobilised plant and equipment
  • Theft from unattended vehicles

Why you need Consequential Loss Contractors Plant and Machinery insurance

This policy covers the sudden and unexpected physical loss of, or damage to, the plant and machines you've insured, paying out to repair or replace it but excluding breakdowns. The cover applies at work, at rest, and during maintenance, and includes every construction site you work on during the period of the insurance, something that is a lot more useful than restricting cover to a specified site.

Help reducing the risks you face, support making valid claims

Feel free to contact us if you'd like to find out more about this type of insurance or get a quote. Remember we do more than merely sell you a top quality policy. We will also support you with expert risk management advice and help if you have to make a claim.

About Erection All Risks insurance

Erection All Risks cover protects construction projects, created to cover the risk of losses associated with erecting and installing machinery, plant and all sorts of steel structures. The policy protects your finances against claims for physical damage to the works themselves plus equipment and machinery, and also liability for third-party bodily injuries and property damage. A good policy can include cover for delays starting work, and for employees' belongings, each as an optional extra. The people covered under the policy include the general contractor themselves, any subcontractors, plus equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

Important policy features

A good quality Erection All Risks policy covers you for the storage, erection, testing and commissioning of a construction project. It's a comprehensive product designed to cover damage to your project arising from every unforeseen circumstance, with a few key exclusions. It includes:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft damage
  • Riots, strikes and malicious acts
  • Faults in erection
  • Human error
  • Negligence
  • Flood and inundation
  • Storms, cyclones and other similar risks 
  • Landslide, subsidence and rock slides
  • Burglary and theft 
  • Short circuiting, arcing and excess voltage
  • Electrical and mechanical breakdown
  • Collapse, damage from foreign objects and damage from impacts

Plus any other sudden, unexpected accidental damage that isn't explicitly excluded.

Why you need Erection All Risks insurance

You want to protect your profits from disaster and maintain a healthy bottom line. Because construction industry claims can be so expensive, it makes sense to insure the projects you work on against all the potential risks that could strike. Being properly covered means you can grow your construction business with confidence.

Get for a quote or find out more

Our in-house team of risk consultants will give you support whenever and wherever you need it, thanks to a deep understanding of the special risks associated with the engineering and construction industries. Please contact us to discuss what you need or request a tailored quote. As well as good value insurance products we also provide our clients with expert help making valid claims. We're proud to be your all-round insurance partner.

About Machinery Breakdown insurance (MBD)

A broken-down machine can cause critical delays to a contract and cost your business a great deal of money. The expense can easily ruin an organisation, the biggest reason why so many contractors trust us to cover their financial interests with machinery breakdown insurance, designed to protect your finances when something goes badly wrong.

Important policy features

A machinery breakdown policy covers unforeseen and sudden accidental damage to machinery, plant and equipment while it is working, at rest, being taken apart, removed or re-erected. It also covers loss or damage that happens because of:

  • Faulty operation, adjustment or casting
  • Vibration
  • Foreign objects getting into the machine
  • Loose parts, which are common when a machine naturally vibrates
  • A machine that heats up of its own accord 
  • Centrifugal force

Why you need MBD insurance

MBD cover compensates contractors if plant, machinery or mechanical equipment breaks down at work, when at rest or during maintenance, covering physical loss or damage and paying out to fund repairs, hire of an alternative or actual replacement. With its help your construction projects can continue smoothly. If you're the machinery's owner, lessor, lessee or the lender funding the machinery, you can buy one of these policies to protect your financial interests.

More than a long term insurance partner

Please contact us to discuss good value, top quality machinery breakdown cover. We also give you expert advice about avoiding risks and even help you make valid claims, a valuable service when the claims process can be difficult to understand, complicated and time consuming.

About Stock Deterioration insurance

If you sell goods, or manufacture them, a lot of your company's value is tied up in stock. If it's the kind of product that deteriorates, for example meats, fish, fruit or vegetables, you can lose an enormous amount of money. Your brand's reputation can also suffer, leaving you in a difficult competitive position even when you have fixed the loss and are back up and running. Stock deterioration insurance protects your finances against a suite of common risks, supporting a fast return to normal.

Important policy features

This valuable policy protects your finances in several important ways:

  • When the public electricity supplies unexpectedly fail
  • When goods are damaged because they were not kept in a refrigerator, but would have been adequately chilled if the accident had not happened
  • When the refrigerant or fumes from it leak out of the system and contaminate the goods

Why you need Stock Deterioration cover

Deterioration of Stock insurance compensates you if you need to claim for unforeseen damage to refrigerated goods that are owned by you, or goods owned by others that are kept by you. If there's a critical fall or rise in your refrigeration unit's temperature or it breaks down for some unexpected reason like a power supply failure, impact damage, mechanical problems or electronic breakdown, the cover puts you back in the same financial position as you were beforehand, letting you plan for the future with a level of confidence.

Get great value cover, avoid risks, make successful claims

As well as selling you good value, good quality insurance, we also help our clients avoid risks thanks to expert risk management advice. We even support our clients throughout the claims process. Contact us for details or to ask for a fast, fair quote.

About Electronic Equipment insurance

What happens if there's a power cut and your electronic equipment is compromised, or simply won't work any more? Electronic goods are essential to running a modern business, in some cases absolutely critical. This useful insurance protects your finances against the costs of replacing or mending lost or damaged electronic equipment like computers, servers, photocopiers, scanners, printers, fax machines, modems and switchboards on your premises, and also when they are temporarily in another location.

Important policy features

A good electronic equipment failure policy will protect your financial interests against risks concerned with:

  • A broad variety of machinery, including audio visual and medical equipment, whether it is owned by you or hired
  • The theft of electronic equipment from buildings and vehicles

These policies also provide worldwide data media loss and reinstatement cover, and the best ones give you optional protection against additional expenditure and financial loss.

Why you need Electronic Equipment cover

Plenty of businesses rely heavily on electronic equipment, and if things go wrong it can be a terrible financial strain as well as damaging your brand's reputation and potentially losing customers. It's wise to cover risks like material damage and any subsequent financial losses, which is why this kind of cover is so popular with businesses like yours.

Insurance sales and much more

We won't just sell you a policy then let you get on with it. We also provide valuable help and advice about minimising the risks your business faces, and we'll stand by your side if you have to make a claim, ensuring everything goes smoothly and quickly. Contact us to find out more details or get a free quote.