As a company that operates on the oceans and seas your business faces all sorts of unique risks, and when disaster strikes it can be very expensive to put right. The cargo you are transporting for someone else might be lost, stolen or damaged. Your ship might go down in a storm. Can you afford to pay compensation to your customers, or pay for a new ship to replace a lost vessel? Probably not. Very few businesses have the financial resources immediately available to deal with smaller disasters, never mind totally catastrophic events.

Marine insurance keeps the finances of world's shipping industry in good order, covering sea and ocean-going firms against the loss or damage of ships and boats themselves, the cargo, the terminals they travel to and from, the transfer of cargo from A to B, its acquisition and storage. To find out the details of each type of cover, click below.

About Marine Cargo insurance

Carrying cargo can be incredibly lucrative. But when something goes wrong on the oceans and seas, it can cost a great deal of money. We can provide you with the insurance protection you need for peace of mind, whether it's on an individual voyage basis or via an annual policy covering multiple voyages. Our marine cargo insurance covers cargo in transit internationally and in your country of origin, protecting them throughout the entire voyage, including elements of the journey that take place on land, via roads, railways and aircraft.

Important policy features

Our marine cargo insurances are all good value for money, covering everything you need to protect your finances against the many things that can go wrong in your industry.

  • Fire and explosion
  • Accidental damage
  • Piracy, cargo loss and cargo theft
  • Sinking, grounding and stranding
  • Bad weather War, terrorism and industrial action
  • Road traffic accidents affecting cargo on land
  • Average and salvage charges
  • Optional cover for cargo when it's in temporary or long-term storage

Why you need Marine Cargo insurances

Marine cargo insurance protects your finances in case of disaster. Your ship might sink or be hijacked by pirates. The cargo might be damaged in transit before it even reaches your vessel, but you can still be held liable. The idea is that making a claim covered under your policy puts you back in the exact same financial position as you were before the loss, which means you can plan ahead with confidence.

Professional support with risk management and claims

We sell fairly-priced, top quality marine insurances. But we also help your business in other important ways. We'll provide professional advice about avoiding risks, and we'll be there for you every step of the way if you need to make a claim, negotiating the insurance waters with the expertise needed to get things settled as quickly as possible. Contact us to find out more or get a fast marine insurance quote.

About Marina Operators Legal Liability insurance (MOLL)

Marine Operators Legal Liability insurance is essential for any marine operator facing the legal risks the owners of marinas face. The cover protects your business' finances against claims involving the care, custody and control of boats and ships, usually including risks that can occur on land as well as on the water. Most policies cover private pleasure boats as standard, and you can often add on cover for commercial vessels as an optional extra. When, as a marina owner, you are legally responsible for giving your clients' vessels a safe, secure berth, it's vital for your financial peace of mind.

Important policy features

This vital policy protects marina owners against common legal liabilities concerning the vessels under their care and control, and pays out to compensate marina visitors and other third parties.

  • Cover for repairing, altering or doing maintenance in dry dock
  • Pays for risks involving storing vessels on land or water, and for hauling out and launching vessels
  • Includes risks that happen when a vessel is docking, mooring or fuelling, and those involved in test driving boats, yachts and ships

Why you need Marina Operators Legal Liability insurance

Do you have large amounts of money readily available to compensate others for your legal liabilities? If not, this type of insurance is essential for your peace of mind and your business' future. It's designed to give you the confidence to grow and thrive, a specialist comprehensive third party liability policy created especially for the owners and operators of a variety of shore and dockside facilities as well as marinas themselves.

Professional insurance risk management and support with claims

Claims can be a minefield, difficult to negotiate unless you fully understand the language and know how the insurance sector works. We can help you minimise the risks you face, and we'll also support you with making valid claims, compensating you as quickly as possible. Contact us to find out the details or get a quote.

About Marine Freight, Demurrage and Defence insurance (FD&D)

There's no predicting what happens at sea. When something goes wrong in the marine shipping industry, it can cost a fortune to put right. FD&D insurance is an excellent solution when you want to keep your organisation's finances safe from the effects of expensive legal action. It pays a sum to cover legal representation and expert advice, protecting your profits against any risks that are not covered by P&I and other policies.

Important policy features

Legal action is never cheap. It can very quickly mount up to leave you with enormous bills. Marine freight, demurrage and defence insurance covers the costs of claims and disputes over:

  • Yacht, boat and ship charters¬†
  • Agency, stevedore, towing, salvage and marine insurance / broking contracts
  • Bunker and necessaries contracts
  • Carriage and freight contracts, and Bills of Lading
  • Ship building, sales, broking, purchase contracts and management service contracts
  • Vessel repair contracts
  • Crew contracts

Why you need Marine FD&D insurance

Marine FD&D policies provide help with claims handling as well as paying the associated legal costs, a really valuable service that can help save your business from financial disaster. That's why this kind of cover is so popular with wise businesses leaders in your sector.

Valuable support with risk management and claims e

As your long term insurance partner, we do much more than sell insurance. We also give you plenty of useful risk management advice and will step in to offer expert support if you need to claim on your policy. Contact us to find out more or ask for a quote.

About Marine Kidnap for Ransom and Hijack insurance (K&R)

2016 saw more marine kidnappings than ever, despite piracy being at its lowest level since the late 1990s. The world is full of kidnap and hijack hotspots, and they change regularly. You never know when you're going to run across pirates, whether it's in the risky Sulu Sea, offshore Peru, the Bangladeshi coast, Nigeria or the most notorious of all, Somalia.

Important policy features

Our Marine Kidnap for Ransom and Hijack insurance protects your marine business against:

  • Ransom, and the loss of ransom money in transit
  • Legal liability
  • Extra expenses to cover risks like the death and injury of your crew
  • The cost of crew rehabilitation

Our policies also include the services of specialist crisis consultants, to help you achieve a good outcome.

Why you need Marine K&R insurance

Marine kidnap for ransom and hijacking remain a significant threat to people, vessels and bank balances. This cover matters because negotiating with pirates can be expensive and time consuming, and while it's going on your ship is at a standstill. Can you afford to cover the costs without insurance? The cover protects businesses against potentially heavy financial losses when vessels are illegally seized or detained for ransom, letting you claim for costs that are not covered by other marine policies.

Expert help with managing risks and making claims

We sell marine kidnap for ransom and hijack cover, but we also help you reduce the risks you face and we'll support you from start to finish if you need to make a claim on your insurance. Contact us to find out more or get a K&R insurance quote.