Most people and organisations buy insurance because it compensates them financially when they have suffered a loss, something insurance companies call 'indemnity'. That means the claims process is incredibly important to our clients. But it isn't always simple to make a claim, especially when you are not familiar with the language insurers use, the claims process itself or the type and level of evidence you might have to provide.

We believe it's our job, as your long-term insurance partner, to do much more than simply sell you the insurance policies that best suit your circumstances and budget. That's why we provide our popular claims support service.

We make the claims process easier for you

Most of the time, when you make a claim on your insurance it's a matter of urgency. We have a deep understanding of the language and principles behind insurance. That means we know exactly what claims departments need to process claims quickly and efficiently.

We will advise you if the claim you want to make isn't valid, and can clarify any aspect of your claim that you are not sure about. We will stand by your side to help prevent delays, and act as your claims intermediary to help push things through within a reasonable time scale.

The idea is to get you or your business back in the same financial position as you were in before the loss, and do it all smoothly, without stress or fuss.

Dedicated claims professionals in your region

We have dedicated claims experts in your region, ready to spring into action when you need us. We also have the right levels of official local authority needed to handle primary and excess claims on everything from property to casualty insurance, professional insurances to liability policies and more.

When there's a crisis, it's really good to know you're supported by calm, experienced professionals who know exactly how to proceed, avoiding disputes, defending and resolving claims by third parties, and harnessing all our influence and knowledge to put things right for you.

Acting as your valued business partners

When you buy insurance through us you also enjoy a positive, cordial long term relationship with a dedicated team of people who love their work. That's just one of the reasons so many organisations and individuals across Asia come to us.

Contact us to ask questions, request an insurance quote or get help with a claim on an existing policy.

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